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102. Mobilechain (Published: 07th Jun, 2018)

The Mobilechain network is designed to incorporate blockchain technology into the mobile app developer network,and into collective userbases. The goal of this platform is to eliminate the many hurdles that mobile developers face by distributing pre-developed blockchain technologies and features through a system that mobile developers are already familiar with-the SDK.The Mobilechain SDK will allow mobile app developers to connect blockchain based features and technologies with their existing mobile applications.All blockchain integrations will be done server-side through the SDK so any app developer, despite their level of technical skill, will be able to make use of blockchain technologies.This platform caters to three essential groups:developers and publishers of mobile applications,who will be able to add blockchain supported services to their apps, brands who will be given solutions to support branded cryptocurrencies and manage blockchain based microeconomy, as well as app users who will become a part of the mobile value cycle through the distribution of a standard crypto wallet. Mobilechain will be powered by StartApp, a leading mobile media and data company.

CEO Gil Dudkiewiczis is also the co-founder and CEO of StartApp.Prior to that, he was the CEO of SweetIM(now acquired by Perion Network). Gil was also the founder and CEO of MyDTV/MeeVee, a personalized television guide.He is accompanied by CTO Ran Avidan is the former Director of Business Innovation Strategy at Amdocs and VP of Products at NewACT. He has also held various product and development positions atFollowap(acquired by NeuStar).

Key Features
The most significant feature of the Mobilechain platform is an SDK for Android and iOS that any mobile app developer can integrate into their app in order to add Mobilechain connected features.Users are rewarded with tokens generated as standard ERC20 token that will operate as a cryptocurrency for mobile apps and their user communities, and a secure crypto wallet will allow mobile users to collect and use mobilechain tokens.The tokens will be intended for purchase and exchange of virtual goods, as reward for specific users, as currency for physical transactions and other connected applications.Publishers and advertisers can also use Mobilechain tokens to buy and sell advertising space in mobile apps. The platform will foster community monetization through mechanisms and services that will enable app publishers to reward their app users with tokens for in-app participation.The Mobilechain service will facilitate brands to release their own cryptocurrency for loyalty program rewards, in-store purchases and more, creating micro economies.This will be done through predefined smart contract templates that can be easily imported into any mobilechain connected app as a means to facilitate P2P transactions.

Future Development
In the coming quarter(Q3 2018) the company expects to launch the alpha version of the Mobilechcain SDK, along with the official release of the first public app with Mobilechain SDK.
The final quarter of 2018 promises the release of the final version of Mobilechain SDK and an in-app crypto wallet launch.The roadmap for the company in 2019 includes supporting multiple blockchains, establishing a Mobilechain self-service portal and smart contract wizard for apps.
Community monetization also appears to be one of the future goals for Mobilechain.

Risk And Opportunity
The Mobilechain network promises to create a platform that not only seeks to transform the mobile economy but also propel blockchain technology past the adoption chasm.Their goal is to accelerate mass market adoption of blockchain technologies across the globe by distributing them through a truly global technology:mobile phones.However,security on both of the major mobile operating systems(Android and iOS) poses the greatest concern for this network. To address this, Mobilechain plans to use mechanisms similar to Android’s TrustZone and iOS’s Secure Enclave technologies.Another limitation centers around managing multiple SDK versions.Most end users do not simultaneously update apps and continue to use outdated versions. As a result, the StartApp server will need to work properly with multiple versions of the Mobilechain SDK. Despite such limitations, SmartApp’s SDK downloads have amassed to nearly 18 billion downloads since its launch, which shows promise for the Mobilechain network.

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