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6.NEM (Published: 19th Jun, 2017)

NEM (New Economy Movement) was launched in 2015 by users in the BitcoinTalk forum with the goal of creating community-oriented cryptocurrency from the ground up. Hence, although all of the developers of NEM are pseudonymous, they are still largely trusted by the NEM community.
NEM, with XEM as the currency, is a cryptocurrency with completely new codes and features compared to Bitcoin. For instance, it cannot be “mined” with all coins released at the launch. While using the Proof of Importance mechanism to save energy instead of the energy demanding Proof of Work system, it has a unique harvest mechanism to allow a fast 1 minute transaction time. There are also other features include encrypted messaging functions, multisignatures, customisable assets “Mosaics”, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system.

After going through the alpha and beta testing in 2014, the final stable version of NEM was released in 2015 and had been under active development.
On November 2016, the team released a white paper introducing the NEM version 2.0, Catapult, with new and improved features to increase throughput, flexibility, stability, optimization of network communication, and scalability, offering better network performance. However, despite the fact that the developers aim to release it in 2017, no clear schedules can be found.

Overall, the technology of NEM seems promising, and it has a great potential to prevail Bitcoin and becomes a widely-adopted cryptocurrency. However, even as the developers claimed that they do not just try to replace Bitcoin but to revolutionise the economy, its adoption rate is still low and it takes a long time to market its advantages. On the other hand, Bitcoin, as a first mover in the field, is still dominating the market and it will not be replaced easily.
Looking at the rank of market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies, XEM is now at the fourth place even with a low volume compared to the others in the top 10. With a significant rising price over the past few months, it should still have some momentum in the future. Therefore, it is suggested buying it now and also expect a rise in value after the release of the Catapult.

Even if this coin has the potential to rise or eventually beat Bitcoin, it could take a much longer time to achieve, making the investment stale. Worse still, there are numbers of altcoins in the market trying to replace or surpass Bitcoin. With such a fierce competition, XEM might fail to outperform the others and lose its value in the end.

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