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11.STRATIS (Published: 23rd Jun, 2017)

Stratis is a platform which aims at providing an easy way for everyone to understand blockchain. It offers affordable solutions for blockchain development, testing, and deployment of applications. Besides, its enterprise development platform had accessible solution for enterprises to build blockchain apps. Stratis stands out from other blockchain platforms by having the focuses on native C# and .NET applications, making it easier for software developers to transit without having to learn a completely new coding language.
STRAT is the token used to fuel the platform. A token is issued per block and it will take around 60 seconds. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, it can be effectively stored in a native wallet with a Proof-of-Stake algorithm to reward people for doing so.

In April 2017 Stratis announced its first masternode to support its new Breeze Wallet, which is a solution for the privacy issues about transactions in Bitcoin. It uses a TumbleBit protocol that can achieve private and unlinkable transactions with a decentralised and trustless manner. To run a masternode, some requirements have to be met like locking up certain amount of STRAT or BTC in the wallet for the corresponding transaction-handling nodes. In addition, other nodes with different functionality will be release in the future such as payment nodes and side-chain nodes.
On the other hand, Stratis has been actively working with other groups to improve the company. For instance, in March 2017, it had announced a partnership with the Escalate Group to redefine business strategies. On the same day, they worked with Seraph to define the VC funding strategies. It is clear that Stratis is getting ready to grow.

Stratis is potentially a very user-friendly platform for enterprises to develop their own blockchain apps. Compare to Ethereum, it should be easier to use due to using an existing programming language. However, it has the same problem as Ripple, which is its coin being not valuable. Even if Stratis tries to promote the usage of STRAT by the masternodes, it still will not become a major cryptocurrency in the future.
The price of STRAT has been fluctuating these days and STRAT/USD dropped from around $10 to $7. Its price has been rising for over 200% since last month but then began to decline. I think the market right now is driven by the hype of rallying and the coin is overvalued. Therefore, I will recommend selling STRATS.

As I mentioned, the price right now is pushed by the hype of emotions, so it could fall significantly later if people are selling with strong market emotions. After all, Stratis is a platform for enterprises to develop blockchain apps, but not a digital currency solution for the economy. Its competitor, Ethereum has become more and more popular these days due to its bright development and the hype of ICOs, and hence the adoption rate of Stratis is another concern and STRAT will become worthless if the platform does not get popular.

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