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37.CANADIAN BITCOIN TRUST (Published: 02nd Aug, 2017)
The Trust

Investment Objective

Track the bitcoin market price.

Administrative & Safekeeping fee

1.5% annually, payable each month

Performance fee



Series A, series B, and Series F

RRSP, TFSA Eligibility & Other Self-Directed


After 150 investors


The Offering

Securities offered

Series B trust units

Price per security

Net asset value per unit of the series, calculated at 4pm est on the business day of purchase.

Minimum/maximum offering


Minimum subscription


Currency accepted



Friday of each week


With a prior notice of >=60 days, redemption will occur on the last business day of the month.

Price: 98% of NAV per unit of the series

Fee: 1% if redeem within 1 year

Agent fees

6% or $40, whichever is greater

Selling agent

Series B units sold will be distributed by Silver Maple Ventures Inc.


Service Providers


First Block Capital Inc. is the sponsor and promoter or the Trust. They are responsible for managing and directing the undertaking, operations and affairs of the Trust. This includes managing and directing the investments of the Trust and providing all necessary clerical, administrative and operational services.


Computershare Trust Company of Canada is the trustee of the Trust.

Bitcoin custodian

Xapo Limited, a firm that specializes in providing secure bitcoin storage platforms, acts as custodian of the Trust’s bitcoin assets

and, in that capacity, is responsible for the safekeeping of the Trust’s bitcoins.


The Trust’s cash is held separate from our assets in a trust account with Royal Bank of Canada.


Computershare Trust Company of Canada is the registrar of the Trust. As registrar, it keeps track of who owns units of the Trust and maintains a record of all purchases and redemptions of units.


SGGG Fund Services Inc. is the administrator of the Trust. As administrator, it is responsible for calculating the net asset value of the Trust and providing certain recordkeeping services to the Trust.

Legal Counsel

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP acts as legal counsel to the Sponsor. The Trust does not have separate legal counsel.


KPMG LLP is the auditor of the Trust.

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