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38. HOW TO SPLIT YOUR BITCOIN IN 5 MINUTES (Published: 03rd Aug, 2017)
This article is a complete tutorial on how to split your Bitcoin Cash, also called BCC or BCH, from your bitcoin address (with private key). 

Now if you left your bitcoin on an exchange before August 1st 2017, I strongly recommend you to go to to see if your exchange has claimed to support bitcoin cash or not. If the answer is no, you probably want to close this article now.
If you have wisely withdrawn your bitcoin from exchanges before August 1st 2017 and put them in a wallet that provide you the private keys (I used Exodus and Electrum, there are plenty other options).

For exodus the way to export your private key can be found here:

You may face the problem: What should I do now?! Especially if you do not think BCC will succeed and you want to sell them now (by the time I finish this tutorial it is trading at around 0.2 BTC). The following video is going to give you a straight forward instruction (proven to be working). Before watching it you need to download a bitcoin cash wallet called electron-cash from:


After watching if you still have problem please comment on our Facebook page: or join our WeChat group through QR code:

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