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55. ARGON GROUP (Published: 03rd Oct, 2017)
Argongroup is basically a company providing assistance to ICO companies. They are helping business raise funds through tokenization and the creation of digital asset. In terms of assistance, they provide strategic advisory services, including areas like legal and compliance, marketing and platform building.For technology, they have developed two platforms, namely TokenHub and NYCEX. The former is established as a Digital Asset Issuance Platform, specialised for tokens offering. Their clients can issue their tokens under TokenHub, which is secure and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The latter is a Smart Contract-Compatible Digital Asset Exchange, which facilitates the transactions of tokens under a secure environment by providing liquidity and platform. Since the foundation of the group, they have assisted several companies to conduct their ICO, of which include Blockchain CapitalCivicStorj (raised USD 10 m for Blockchain Capital, 30 m for the other two). The ICO of them have been proved successful and more are coming in near future.
More ICO advised by Argongroup will be coming in the next few months, including Salt, the first membership unit-centric loan network to allow customers to secure cash loans in blockchain-asset collateral-based agreements, and Science, the first incubator ICO of which holders of the Science token will receive a portion of tokens issued by portfolio companies in the event of their own ICO, as well as benefit from Science token repurchases funded by a portion of the proceeds from portfolio company exits. Salt has a fundraising target of USD 35 m and Science has target of USD 50-100 m. 

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