Mar-19 to Mar-23 2018  |  Cryptomover proudly sponsors HKUSU's Innovation Inspires Imagination event as Platinum sponsor. 
Mar-16-2018  |  Nikkei Asia cites Gavin Yeung.
Mar-09-2018  |  Forbes cites Cryptomover.  Bitcoin Is Not Out Of The Woods Yet.

Feb-16-2018  |  Cryptomover mentioned in Nikkei Asia.
Feb-9-2018  |  Cryptomover wins Outstanding Digital Currency Platform from HK's Etnet (Fintech Awards 2017).
Feb-3-2018  | Cryptomover's Neelabh was quoted in The Telegraph.
Feb-1-2018  |  Cryptomover mentioned in TWO Bloomberg articles today.
Jan-2018  |'s ICO includes Cryptomover!
Jan-19-2018  |  Nikkei Quick News cites Cryptomover's comments.
Jan-11-2018  |  Cryptomover mentioned in Bloomberg.
Dec-21-2017  |  Cryptomover mentioned in a publication by Nikkei Asia.
Dec-20-2017  |  Cryptomover cited in a Japanese publication.
Dec-20-2017  |  Forbes cites Cryptomover.  Bitcoin cash surges.
Dec-19-2017  |  Cryptomover speaks at Stellar Meetup in Hong Kong.
Dec-8-2017   |  Forbes quotes Cryptomover's Neelabh Dixit.
Nov-21-2017  |  Cryptomover discusses tips for bitcoin investors with Forbes.
Nov-17-2017  |  Cryptomover covered by Yahoo Japan.
Nov-16-2017  |  Cryptomover discusses recent fork announcements with Bloomberg.
Nov-16-2017  |  Cryptomover speaks at Hong Kong University at their Disruptive Leaders Series.
Nov-15-2017  |  Cryptomover engineering team in a Stellar Meetup discusses Stellar smart contract development.
Nov-10-2017  |  Cryptomover speaks at Stanford Tech Panel.
Nov-1-2017  |  Cryptomover mentioned in Arthur Hayes' newletter.
Oct-25-2017  |  Cryptomover featured again in Bloomberg.
Oct-25-2017  |  La República quotes Cryptomover's Gavin Yeung (content in Spanish).
Oct-25-2017  |  Világgazdaság quotes Cryptomover's Gavin Yeung (content in Hungarian).
Oct-25-2017  |  金融界 quotes Cryptomover's Gavin Yeung.
Oct-24-2017  |  Cryptomover featured in Bloomberg.
Oct-24-2017  |  Cryptomover featured in Bitcoinmarketjournal.
Oct-19-2017  |  Cryptomover co-founder Neelabh Dixit speaks at IFLR FinTech Asia.
Oct-15-2017  |  Cryptomover's Fanbing Xia speaks at 中大人金融业港深校发享会!
Oct-14-2017  |  Cryptomover comments on the recent Litecoin rally.

Oct-14-2017  |  Oriental Daily cites Cryptomover's comments on the recent price rally.

Oct-13-2017  |  Cryptomover's CEO Gavin Yeung was cited in Forbes.
Oct-10-2017  |  Cryptomover attends HKUST career fair as special invited company. 
Sept-20-2017  | Cryptomover attends 2017 SHAPE THE FUTURE Blockchain Global Summit - Bitkan conference in Hong Kong.
Sept-07-2017  | Cryptomover receives "优秀企业" Best Enterprise Award at Demo China 2017 in Hangzhou.
Sept-06-2017  | Cryptomover presents in Demo China 2017.
Aug-31-2017  | Cryptomover launches Stellar core node validator service.  Connect here.
Aug-25-2017  | Read our Newsletter
Aug-11-2017  | Read our Newsletter.
Aug-10-2017  | Chicago's Polsky Center weekly 10 publication.
Aug-09-2017  | Techcrunch news about Cryptomover joining 500 Startups Batch 22.
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Aug-04-2017  | CMB Index launched! Issued a letter addressing Bitcoin cash on our Cryptomover Bitcoin index creation.
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July-25-2017  | Bloomberg speaks with Gavin Yeung.
July-24-2017  | Cryptomover joins 500 Startups Batch 22.
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July-20-2017  | Cali.  We will be visiting SF and the Silicon Valley soon.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.
July-11-2017  | RISE 2017 Hong Kong.  Come meet us!  We will be there, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.
June-19-2017 | Techcrunch Shenzhen.  Come meet us!  We have been slotted for a 10 min presentation.  For details, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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June-13-2017 | CRYPTANALYSIS released.  This series is a detailed in-depth look at specific technologies, trends, or products in the market.
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June-02-2017 | CRYPTOVOICES daily launched.  Our daily writeup on index performance and general market news.
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